Solar panel solutions

Supplier of reliable solar panel solutions worldwide

Single axis solar tracker with solar panels capture the full sun and produce c. 20% more electricity during a longer period every day.

Ministry of Solar™ offers reliable solar panel solutions (photovoltaic) worldwide. We are an Engineering, Procurement and Construction Company (EPC).

Solar panels on the ground, on roof-tops and even floating on water

Ministry of Solar produced electricity board

As we are originally a Belgian company, one of our core markets is Belgium, but we operate worldwide. We have a special focus on emerging market with high solar irradiation. We install solar panels on the ground, on roof-tops and even floating on water.

The best possible solution for your specific situation

First our engineers design the best possible solution. Depending on the project specifics, the size and the country, we can then either send a complete DIY containerized solution, work together with local install companies or send in our own installation team. For large projects, we recommend to have at least one of our engineers on the ground during installation.

Our projects are often in remote and isolated regions around the world and therefore have to be exceptionally reliable. That is why we spend a lot of time engineering our projects and we only work with the highest quality products and technologies.

All our electricity boards are produced internally by our own electricians.

Solar panel solution for everyone

We develop projects for industry, food processing, farms, mines, communities and government. We are predominantly focused on mid-size to large scale solar plants.

We also provide smaller scale state-of-the art quality solar systems.