Solar energy projects

The number one preferred partner for all solar energy projects

We aim to be the number one preferred partner for reliable, impactful and sustainable solar energy projects worldwide.

Highest quality inverters, panels, batteries etc.

Given the often very harsh environment and the remoteness of our projects, our proposed energy systems need to be of exceptional reliability and quality.

We only work with the highest quality components. Inverters, panels, batteries etc. are all cherry-picked to make sure they perform exceptionally under harsh climate conditions.

Reliable electricity around the clock

By combining solar with diesel generators and batteries, we can build systems that provide reliable electricity around the clock. No more power cuts.

Industrial rooftop solar plant

The best renewable energy experts

Our engineers work together with the best renewable energy experts from a.o. Belgium, Switzerland, Germany and Denmark to engineer and configure the best solar solutions for your project. Our close contact with the experts and research departments of universities guarantees us to be constantly up to date on the latest innovations in the rapidly changing solar industry.

Cheap and durable electricity

With solar power it is now possible to quickly provide millions of people in the most remote areas with cheap and durable electricity, helping to flourish local industry and eradicating poverty.

Solar energy : the cheapest way to produce electricity

Solar energy now became the cheapest way to produce electricity in sunny countries. The basic necessity, energy is now much more democratic than ever before. By bringing electricity to the most remote areas, we hope to increase

  • education levels (reading, internet)
  • improve the life quality and – expectancy (fridges for medication, hospitals with electricity)
  • enhance safety (lightning, communication)

of millions of people. Cheap and reliable electricity also provides enormous possibilities to develop local industry.

Fast installing

Installing a solar plant can happen very fast. Between signing and finishing a solar project, it takes at  most only a couple of months. Hydro-, nuclear- and gas plants take years to plan and implement.

Reliable energy for more than 25 years

Once panels are installed, there is reliable energy for more than 25 years. This is especially important for remote locations, where there is no reliable network connection and diesel supply is cumbersome.

Solar energy projects also for large scale

Contrary to what some people still think, it is today possible to provide large industrial consumers, whole communities, big farms and complete cities with electricity from solar panels. As long as there is rooftop – or ground space available, it is perfectly possible to set up solar plants of multiple MWs.

Environmental friendly battery systems

We work with environmentally friendly batteries that last more than 10 years.

Not subsidy dependent

We work worldwide, but especially in developing countries with high solar irradiation. That’s where solar power is even without subsidizing the cheapest way to produce electricity.

Reduce CO2

With our solar diesel hybrid systems, we manage to reduce fuel consumption by more than 50%! With our solar battery systems, we manage to completely eliminate CO2.