Solar pumps and pump drives

Ministry of Solar ™ - SOLAR PUMPS and - PUMP DRIVES

The Ministry of Solar ™ SOLAR PUMP DRIVES are the perfect solution for cheap pumping with solar power. The system works solely on solar power, but in case of bad weather or if pumping during the night is required, than the grid or a generator can take over at all time. The MOS SOLAR PUMP DRIVES fit easily on existing pumps (both submersible and surface pumps), but we also offer complete packages including the pumps. Any pump from 0.375kW till 170kW (and even higher) can easily be converted and powered by the sun.

Ministry of Solar ™ SOLAR PUMP DRIVES

MOS Solar Pump characteristics :

  • Existing pumps (surface and submersible) can be converted
  • If required a generator or the grid can provide back-up
  • EU and Japanese quality components
  • Environmentally friendly, as no batteries required
  • Double Glass Solar Panels with 25 years warranty
  • Easy operation and installation of all-in-one box
  • Belgian state-of-the-art engineering and assembly
  • Online 24/7 monitoring via GSM card
  • No fosil fuels needed and no more fuel theft
  • Anti theft bolts secure PV modules
  • No noice

Irrigation with solar panels

The ideal solution for remote areas with no grid-connection or with long and unpredictable blackouts.
Irrigation with solar panels is now 6 to 20 times cheaper than with diesel generators!

The Ministry of Solar ™ SOLAR PUMP DRIVES solution for cheap pumping with solar power