Charity Projects

Own charity projects

We are committed to invest a part of our profit in Charity projects.

Ministry of Solar™ has for example developed and sponsored an off-grid solar pump system and an outdoor LED-solar battery system for a school of orphans in Ayweyo near Kisumu, Kenia.

Charity organization projects

Ministry of Solar™ is a reliable partner for charity organizations that want to invest in solar projects throughout the world.

Charity project at an orphanage

  • Kitanda – Ayweyo, Kenia
  • 1,3kWp Panels
  • Solar pump
    • 72m deep
    • 2,5m³/hr
  • 8m Galvanised steel tower
    • 6.000L reservoir
  • Solar LED streetlight
    • 24V
    • 104AH green battery
Charity Project Kenya Ayweyo