Floating Solar Panel Structure

Ministry of Solar ™ Floating Solar Panel Structure

The Ministry of Solar ™ Floating Solar Panel Structure is the perfect solution for industrial- and utility scale solar parks on water. This structure turns the surface of drink water reservoirs, lakes, dams and ponds into useful and productive spaces.

About 1ha of water is needed per 1MWp installed (c. 3.300panels) 1MWp produces 1,0-1,6GWh/y.

Advantages of solar panels on water

General advantages

  • Containerised or turn-key available
  • Modular system – Solar parks from 10kWp to + 500MWp possible
  • East-West orientation of panels possible
  • Compatible with hydrodams (given presence of connections on the site)
  • Complementary to hydropower (water scarcity in dry-season, but sunny)

Higher return

  • More electricity due to natural cooling of panels and cables
  • Compatible with any size (60 or 72 cells) and any type (framed or frameless) of panel
  • Panels in portrait (and also landscape) position possible, and thus higher selfcleaning effect of panels
  • Optimized use of space (no space between each panels needed, only between rafts)
  • Adjustable panel angle according to latitude of project
  • Enhanced panel cooling effect, as wind can blow freely underneath

Environmentally friendly

  • Fully recyclable components
  • Reduced evaporation of water
  • Prevents algae growth

Reliable Ministry of Solar ™ product

  • Belgian state-of-the-art engineering
  • Durable EU quality components (HDPE or PP, aluminium, stainless steel)
  • Easy and fast assembly
  • Easy access for servicing
  • High wind resistance
  • Junction box of panels high above water surface