Off-Grid Solar-Battery

Off-Grid Solar-Battery

Maintenance free off-grid solar-battery system

A maintenance free electricity system entirely on solar panels and batteries is now possible. No more problems with grid failures, irregular fuel supply, bad fuel quality, fuel theft, noise, CO2 exhaust or generator maintenance.

Off-grid or backup

The battery systems can be both used for completely off- grid applications as well as for back-up systems in case of grid- or generator failure.


  • Independence of grid or diesel generator
  • Maintenance free
  • Perfect for remote locations due to long autonomy/lifespan
  • More than 10 years lifetime of batteries
  • More than 30 years lifetime of panels
  • Environmental friendly batteries
  • 100% renewable energy
  • 24/7 energy availability

For small to large energy consumers

Off-grid systems up to 300kW can easily be designed to run solely on solar panels and batteries. This is perfect for remote locations where there is no grid and fuel delivery is cumbersome and expensive. The batteries and battery invertors always provide a clean and stable mono- or tri-phased, 230V or 400V network.


In remote areas, we develop modular systems for maximum reliability. In case there is a system failure, it only impacts a small part of the output.

Long battery life

Most of the classic batteries (lead-acid, lithium-ion, etc.) require regular service, are bad for the environment (both during production and disposal), have a limited lifespan and cannot handle high temperatures. Recently there are new environmental friendly batteries available. For example, Aquion Energy AHI batteries are clean and sustainable saltwater batteries that outlive and outperform traditional battery chemistries. These batteries function well at high temperatures, do not require maintenance and last for more than 10 years (>3000 cycles). Also FeNi batteries do not contain hazardous – or rare earth materials and contain no acids. These are the batteries we like to use to design long lasting off-grid solar systems.